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Julia: A Science Journey

Celia Corral Vázquez i al.

Murphy's Toast Games




Julia: a Science Journey is an adventure about viruses, society, and life choices. The story begins in 2020 as our main character lives a humdrum teenage life while she deals with high school, her family and her friends. Will you help Julia navigate through the complexities of adult life while the covid-19 pandemic changes her world forever?

Download Episode 1
The first episode is available for free! Choose the version of the game compatible with your platform: Windows, Mac or Linux. You will get a compressed '.zip' file which you will need to extract to a local folder using 7-zip or the archiving tool of your choice. Once extracted you should get a new folder called 'julia_a_science_journey'. Go inside the folder and double click on the executable file 'Julia: a Science Journey' to start the game.

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